Which ‘Assault Rifle’ Should I buy?

First off- YOU WON’T BE BUYING AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!! Unless you have a federal license to own machine guns, YOU CAN’T BUY AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!! Assault rifles are semi/full-auto selective fire intermediate-energy rifles. A ‘black gun’ with a pistol-grip and shoulder stock IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!

I STINKIN’ HATE the term ‘assault rifle’!

Back to our post-

A funny thing has happened to me over the past few days, friends have been asking me which rifles should they buy before Obamanation starts outlawing them. The odd part?- apparently Kim du Toit has had the same questions asked to him by his friends

Here’s my short answer- “it depends on how much money you want to spend”.

Inexpensive route-


Mil surplus AK47 or SKS – Both are ex-communist rifles that are plentiful and can be inexpensive. The AK47 was the replacement of the SKS and for your purposes are pretty much the same performance. Gun shows, gun shops and online gun brokers always have a TON of these and they are the cheapest route for what you are looking for. Parts and accessories are plentiful so you can trick-out your gun for cheap.


What you need to be aware of is- Russian, eastern European, and nordic made guns are usually the best quality. Egyptian made guns are ok. STAY AWAY FROM ASIAN/CHINESE (NORINCO) GUNS!

The AKs come in two flavors- Milled receiver and stamped receiver. The milled receiver is better.

These guns can range in price anywhere-shop around! I’d probably pay around $600 for a European/Russian made in very good condition. These guns are plentiful and inexpensive.

Moderate Cost route-


Buy an AR-15. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16. The good thing about these guns is that parts and accessories are PLENTIFUL! You can configure them to do just about anything. They are usually DAMNED ACCURATE and the recoil is barely noticable. This is a very good gun for women. They can be as inexpensive as $500 and prices go up. I would spend about $850 on one of these and then add accessories later.

Ruger Mini-14

Ruger Mini-14

Buy a Ruger Mini-14. The Mini-14 is Ruger’s attempt to ‘shrink down’ the M-14 and they have succeeded! The Mini-14 shoots the same .223 round as the AR-15 so you get the same low-recoil benefit. The pluses of the Mini-14 is that it’s slightly cheaper than the AR-15s and there’s plenty of accessories you can buy for it including folding stocks, large magazines, and etcetera so you can really trick them out.

There’s a mis-conception that they are not accurate but, this is not true! I assure you that they are far more accurate than you are out-of-the-box and if you get skilled enough to be a sharp-shooter, the Mini-14 can be made even more accurate. GENERALLY SPEAKING, they are not as accurate as the AR-15 but, they are several hundred dollars cheaper and far more accurate than you will probably ever need to be. They are a good gun and worth the money.

Money is no object route-

Springfield Armory's SOCOM

SOCOM, SOCOM II or SOCOM 16! If you have about $1500 and want to ROCK-N-ROLL, the SOCOM is THE GUN!

The SOCOM 16 is Springfield Armory’s version of the M-14 that has been shortened, lightened and made perfect for a special forces squad. Having shot these, I can tell you that they are damned accurate, the bullet packs a punch and are stinkin’ fun to shoot! In my opinion, they are the Rolls-Royce of the general purpose rifles. I can not say enough positive things about this gun.

It shoots the very manly .308 that packs more punch than the wimpy .223 (AR-15/Mini-14) and moderately-wimpy 7.62×39 (AK/SKS) round but don’t worry, the recoil is not a problem. I have had small-framed women shoot these and they have no problem with the recoil. One thing to worry about with this gun is it is capable of shooting through cars.

Tricked-out SOCOM

There’s plenty of accessories for this gun including collapsible stock and rails for scopes, red-dots, lasers, and etcetera.

The only draw back to this gun is the price- You’ll need at least $1500 to even get a bare base model new. These guns hold their value well (and will probably appreciate) so, you won’t save much by buying a used one.

HKs et al-

You may have noted that I haven’t specified any foreign model guns (other than the AK and SKS) and have only mentioned US models. The reason- the American models are more plentiful here, parts are more available in the US, accessories are more available in the US and finally, the AR-15, Mini-14 and SOCOM guns will cost much less than comparable foreign models (like the HKs), will give you more options and be just as reliable.

Final word-

If you are buying one of these for home defense, FORGET IT! All of the rounds shot from these guns will go through walls and are NOT FOR HOME DEFENSE! They are too powerful for home use.

If you want home defense-

IDEAL: Short barreled pump shot gun

20ga or bigger – use buckshot.

GOOD: .45Cal pistol

40cal and below (e.g. 9mm), IMHO, do not have the stopping power of the 45cal. If you want a revolver (because they are more reliable) I’d get a 38super with expanding bullets.

OKAY: Long barrel shotgun

20ga or bigger – use buckshot.


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